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update time.

08.29.08 → my [3rd set of] boys, cavashawn, played their first headlining show at metro last friday. hotel ahead, coventry, & danger is my middle name, all great locals, opened for them. i was very proud. they did a great job.
i bought the boys arrested development season 3 on dvd for their tour. they were very grateful. :] they're on the east coast now. so far away. :[ but they'll be back in 23 days, playing a show at depaul with ha ha tonka. i'm excited.
jamie, hilary, julie, teegan, cathy, & i went to taco bell, and hilary and julie being the creepy sixteen year old girls that they are "made friends" with two drunk twenty something year old dudes. very funny, but very creepy.

08.31.08 → my [1st set of] boys, treaty of paris, put on a cancer benefit show at metro, with all the proceeds going to the american brain tumor association. they were accompanied by some amazing bands: scott sweeney, house of heroes, company of thieves, & quietdrive.

i was standing outside with jamie and hilary before the show, and i see dan wade walk in with someone who looked very familiar. it was andrew mcmahon. :O i freaked out so badly. i got in there, hunted all the guys down, saying, "i know he's here. bring me to him now," and just got a bunch of, "i don't know who you're talking about." later, i see out of the corner of my perif, andrew walking down the stairs, with mike walking right behind him. obviously, i spazz, and beggggg mike, who just laughs and walks away. about 10 minutes later, he walks out with andrew and points to me. andrew comes over and was like, "hey sam, mike said you wanted to see me?" oh. my. damn. i got to talk to him for a while, which was really nice. he's such a super guy, and he has a really great memory. we were talking about my first (and only) something corporate show, and he was like, "that was in 2003, right? like in september, maybe?" to which i replied, "holy shit. september 23rd, 2003 (i remember because it was the day after my brother's birthday)."

he came out and played keyboard for treaty during "i'll come back" and it was great. kyle dee (from the frantic) almost cried. awww.

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mmm, almost forgot. treaty did a cover of a really great song too.

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09.01.08 → happy labor day. the fam came over. but i was very very tired, so i fell asleep around six and didn't wake up until everyone left. i swear, that wasn't intentional.

09.02.08 → first day of college :O i'm commuting, which blows, first off. i end up being a wee bit late for my writing class, because 1) the buses were off, 2) the elevators were slow, and 3) i couldn't find the room. but i have one of those "hip, young" teachers, who was fine with it. we just got to know each other and stuff, nothing major. that was from 3:30-4:50. then i walked around the city and went to the harold washington library to check facebook, myspace, all that good jazz. next class was "art history i: stone age to gothic," a.k.a. "tuesday night snooze fest." not the best class to be taking from 6:30-9:20 at night.

09.03.08 → second day of college. i didn't have class until 6, but i went down there early, with mom's credit card in hand, to pick up some supplies for my drawing class that night. then i went and got my upass. gotta love unlimited bus and train rides for a year. -thumbs up- i saw devon whilst walking down the street, which was cool. i hadn't seen him in a while. anyway, drawing is an almost four hour long class. the teacher did a lot more talking than we did drawing, which was alright because i, personally, am not a fan of drawing. halfway through, we got a 20 minute break, which meant subway time for lindsay and i. mmm. we actually got out early, which was awesome, but besides the day before thanksgiving, that was the only time.


today, i have writing, again, and u.s. history, with the same time frame as tuesday. i like u.s. history. let's hope being in class for 3 hours doesn't change my views on it.

ugh, and it's raining. please let it stop before i have to get on my bus/train and walk 5 blocks to class.

p.s. kudos if you read all of that.
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so. i'm in dallas.
i've been here since the 28th.
i wanna go home NOW.
-_-; just one more day.

BUT the best part of the trip went a little something like this...

i finally got to meet him again after 4 years (september 23rd, 2003 was the exact date).
i stood in line for an hour and a half to talk to him for less than a minute,
but it was so worth it.

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wow. haven't updated in a while.

let's see...
- ribfest was the shit. i made a weekend out of it and went on saturday and sunday. treaty on saturday was amazing. chelsey came down from wisconsin and it was just one big party. got to see the new bassist, nick fonzi, in action. he did very well. i approve of him. sunday was tonka time. i love those guys. they're always a party.
- went to see urbanites on monday with alex, briana, and bill. met up with teegan, amanda, and cori. then we went to potbellies. it was a good time. especially this part:

- friday and saturday = mobfest. anyone living in chicago should come down to metro on both days. or road trip. :]

friday: the frantic, shock stars, last fast action, white hot knife, and made in hollywood.
18+ show; free before 8 p.m. Collapse ), $9 after that time; and everyone gets a free copy of the frantic's cd, audio and murder.

saturday: inept, american taxi, danger is my middle name, 2*sweet, and tonight the prom
all ages; $9

go to both. you'll definitely have a good time

- and lastly...

Ace Enders & A Million Different People's CD is up for download.
PLEASE listen to it.
it's utterly fantastic.
it's really rare for me to listen to a cd where i like every single song on it just by listening to it once.
this is one of those cds.
and it's free.
so why not?

okay, that's it. :]
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Gordon Lightfoot
Sang a song
About a boat
That sank in the lake
At the break
Of the morning
A Cat named Stevens
Found a faith
He could believe in
And Joan Baez
I never listened
To too much jazz
But hippie songs
Could be heard
In our pad
Eddie Rabbitt sang
About how much
He loved a rainy night
ABBA, Devo, Benatar
Were there day
John Lennon died
Mr. Springsteen said
He had a hungry heart
Grover Washington
Was happy on the day
He topped the charts
These are the songs

These are my heart songs
They never feel wrong
And when I wake
For goodness sake
These are the songs
I keep singin'

Quiet Riot got me started
With the bangin' on my head
Iron Maiden, Judas Priest
And Slayer
Taught me how to shred
I gotta admit though
I would listen
To the radio
Debbie Gibson
Tell me that you think
We're all alone
Michael Jackson's
In the mirror
I've gotta have faith
If I wanna see clear
Never gonna give you up
Wish me love
Or wishing well
It takes two to make
A thing go right
If the Fresh Prince
Starts a fight
Don't you worry
For too long
'Cause you know
These are the songs


Back in 1991
I wasn't havin' any fun
'Till my roommate said
"Come on and put
a brand new record on"
Had a baby on it
He was naked on it
Then I heard the chords
That broke the chains
I had upon me
Got together with my bros
In some rehearsal studios
Then we played
Our first rock show
And watched the fan base
Start to grow
Signed the deal that gave
The dough to make
A record of our own
The song come
On the radio
Now people go
This is the song

These are my heart songs
They never feel wrong
And when I wake
For goodness sake
These are the songs
I keep singing

These are the songs
I keep singing

just wanna let you know i love that song.
ludo: scream scream scream

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it's raining.

i've got one more full day of school tomorrow.
and then i'm done.
but i've got latin and sociology tests
and an english paper
and a math project
all due tomorrow.
i'm so tired. :[

i'm really gonna miss all my underclassman buddies. it's been a blast with them.

i got an email today about signing up for orientation at columbia.
i can't believe it's almost here.